Adult, At-gate, Price: $20.00

Adult, At-gate, Member Discount: $15.00

Adult, Pre-reg, Price: $17.00

Adult, Pre-reg, Member Discount: $12.00

Child (17 -5) : $6.00

Child 4 & Under: Free

Feast Child & Adult: $8.00

Camping: Free

To Pre-register by mail:
  •  Please make checks out to: SCA Inc., Barony of Marinus
  • Please mail checks to: Mistress Oriana of Xylina (MKA Audrey Tweed-McCord)
    1909 DeMetro Drive, Hampton VA 23663 
  • Please mail checks in by August 23, 2017

To Register with Paypal:

  • To register with paypal please click this link and select the event "Rip Rap War" in the drop down menu, AND THEN RETURN TO THIS PAGE TO COMPLETE YOUR CAMPING REGISTRATION!
  • Once you have paid your invoice, fill out the camping registration form below to complete your registration! YOUR CAMPING REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL YOU HAVE FILLED OUT AND SUBMITTED THIS FORM!
  • Thank you!

Camping Registration Form